all about me me me

Oh hi Internet!  Welcome to my blog, the name of which comes from that fab Beastie Boys song She’s Crafty.  And, no, I’m not, like, a HUGE Beastie Boys fan or anything (I’m actually kind of a poser), I just thought the name was, like, so clever and stuff (and, it is kind of an awesome song.  Also, Hi Amy!)  So, anyway, I’ll probably mostly write about my family and the stuff I sew.  But.  I reserve the right to change my mind at any time and post random things about those awesome pickles I had for lunch and, likewise, you can always stop reading because who reads pickle blogs anyway[1]?

So. anyway.  About me.  I’m Kate, a married[2] mom of two little boys[3] in the Rochester, NY area.  I’m also a lawyer, which is relevant only because it explains my deep affection for footnotes.[4]

[1] You know, this isn’t based on any actual knowledge of the pickle industry.  Now that I think about it, there probably are pickle blogs out there.

[2] To Greg.  He’s a redhead and quite funny.  Also, his brain kind of works something like this:  sportssportssportsfootballsportssportsCoorsLight.  You will see that displayed at the Big Red Sports Machine if you’re so inclined to take a peek.

[3] The O.G. and BabyRory.

[4] !!!!

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