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Baggity Bag Bags

Oh hai!  Remember when I was all, “see you next week!” “with progress on my Getaway Bag!” ?


So, I know, it’s six weeks later.  But it’s totally worth it, because I have THREE bags finished.  Also a fourth, which I fogot to take pictures of.  So, later on that one.

Bag #1 — Lisa Lam’s Great Getaway Bag from The Bag Making Bible  great getaway bag 1

The exterior is a laminate from Amy Butler’s Alchemy line (called “Sketch,” I think).  I luuuurve it.  So much.  It is seriously the most beautiful fabric EVAH.  An it’s shiny!  The contrast is just a bright pink cotton duck fom JoAnn’s that… honestly? kind of a mistake.  I think it’s too bright and competes with the main print a bit. Probably should’ve gone with a gray vinyl or something.  But.  It’s done and I’m still really happy with it.

This bag was a process, for sure.  There’s about a million yards of interfacing (more than even the pattern called for since I used lighter weight fabric than the pattern called for), an interior zipped pocket, an exterior pocket, a shoulder strap, etc…  There were a lot of pieces and it took me a couple of weeks to get it all done.  But i’m so happy with it.  I took it on its very first trip soon after I made it and it felt so good to actually use something I made!  although I did have a persistent sense of ominous doom that all the seams were somehow going to disintegrate in Penn Station or something (they didn’t).

Bag #2 — Noodlehead’s Runaround Bag

Runaround bag

This is my new summer Runaround Bag! Sooo easy to put together, I made it start to finish in just a couple of hours, including making my own bias tape.  Fabrics are Essex yarn-dyed linen in black, with bias tape made from Freespirit Designer Solid in Fucshia.  The lining, which you can’t really see in this picture, is from Jay McCarroll’s Center City Line.  The only change I made to the pattern was to interface both the exterior and the interior pieces with Pellon SF 101.  It worked perfectly.

Bag #3 –Satchel (pattern by Studio Cherie)

Man, this bag nearly did. me. in.  Gah.  But, I think it was worth it.  I found this fabric first, which is a Kokka prink with adorable little ballerinas on it.  I loved it for my mom, who teaches dance classes for little kids.  I mean, right?  It couldn’t be cuter.  After searching around for a pattern, I finally settled on this Satchel pattern.  I wanted to give the bag to my mom for Mother’s Day.  So I promptly got all my materials together around March-ish.  Then I did nothing until the week before Mother’s Day.  Of course.

Laura's Luggage 2

So, considering I put it together in about a week, I guess it wasn’t that hard.  It was really just all that DAMN PIPING. Piping around curves, really, was what caused most of the swearing.  And seam ripping.  I got it together, though (baste the piping onto the exterior pieces before you sew it down for real).  I did forgo some of the piping that the pattern called for (around the main zipper and on the interior pockets) because I really just had piping fatigue at that point.  And I think it looks fine without it.

So, all’s well that ends well. My mom loved it and I really learned a ton about bag-making from going through this process.

Now, though?  I think I’m calling a moratorium on bags.  I need to get my wonky log cabin beach quilt done before it’s actually beach weather.  (although it’s 50 degrees here today.  FIFTY.  WTF SPRING? so I may have some time)

see you in 6 weeks or so?


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