Four years

Owen turned four last Saturday, which also, if you’ll recall, was the day before Easter.  So, basically — Toys! Holidays! Celebrations!  his little brain was straight-up fried by the end of the weekend.  At least we were a little bit smart about things this year, though, and decided to forgo the large family party at our house and just invited a bunch of his little friends to the local Bounce House of Insanity (which, if you are four, is just fucking nirvanna.  There is nothing better, you might as well die now.  the end.).  So, suffice it to say, they had a great time.  And I had a great time because it was over and done with in less than two hours and nobody came to my house.  Win.

The party had a “Muppet theme,” which meant I stuck some Muppet toys in his cake and gave the kids a Muppet book as their party favor.  About a month before the party I also asked Owen if he wanted to wear a Muppet shirt for the party.  “NO. NOBODY WILL WEAR ANY MUPPET SHIRTS TO MY PARTY” was the answer I got and, admittedly, I was a bit surprised at his, um… adamance?  Who knew he was such a militant anti-Muppet Shirter?  So of course I didn’t let it go.

Two days before the party he relented, “Okay, okay, okay, fine, Mommy, I’ll wear a Muppet shirt.  And Baby Rory too.”  (!!!)  Two Muppet shirts coming right up.

Beaker. The most underrated ginger muppet.



Happy Birthday, dude. Have a happy and crazy fourth year.


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