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The obligatory Halloween adorableness-related post

So, ’round these parts the lead up to Halloween is usually way more exciting that, you know, the actual thing.  No exception this year.  I just get so into the planning and the making of the costumes that, when it comes time to wear them, I’m always like, “oh, right.  I spent 56 hours on these costumes just so the kids could do a 20 minute lap around the neighborhood in them and then put on their jammies and go to bed.  huh.”

But. whatever.  I still love it.

I started asking Owen back in August what he wanted to be.  I got a rage of answers, from “nothing, I don’t want a costume, I just want to be ‘people,'” to “a birthday cake.”  So.  I suggested maybe he would want to dress up as Corduroy, the bear from the children’s story who wears the green overalls and loses a button (and who gains a pocket in the sequel; you’ll see that I ended up conflating the two stories.  Don Freeman please forgive me!).  Anyway, he agreed, and I was excited because I thought it would be pretty adorable (spoiler: it was!).  I waited a good month or so to make sure he didn’t dramatically change his mind, then went searching for a good overalls pattern.  Turns out, I had trouble finding exactly what I wanted and had to turn to e-bay for a “vintage” pattern.  1986 is vintage, you guys, and I AM SO OLD.

So, here’s the final result:

The pattern is “vintage” (can’t remember the manufacturer or number right now) and I used Robert Kaufmann Corduroy in Grass.  I used a suuuper adorable knit that actually has Corduroy his-own-self printed on it for lining the bib and the cuffs. I knew this fabric existed becuase I actually have a diaper for Rory that’s made out of it.  But when it came time to purchase some yardage (because I NEEEEDED it, it is so perfect and I couldn’t live without it!), damn if I couldn’t find it anywhere.  After some serious stalking, I tracked down some from an Etsy seller (who, you know, wasn’t actually planning on selling the fabric, but I convinced her to. WINNING!).  There’s a little purple pocket from my stash and a single yellow button (because the other one is missing!).

I also used the costume as a good oppotunity to use up some of the yarn that is drowning me alive. For the first time ever, he agreed to wear a hat as part of his costume. 

Rory, on the other hand, is in my favorite stage for Halloweening — the stage when he has no say whatsoever over what ridiculous outfit I dress him up in — was a lion.  Because I am beating the word play of “Rory / Roaring”  to absolute death.  So, my very scary lion:

The little sweatsuit is “tye-died” fleece from JoAnn’s and I used some fake fur that I bought from for the chest (and the tip of the tail, which you can only kinda see in the picture).  I bought a full yard of this.  Because I am not good at math.  So, I’m thinking next year’s costume will involve some fake fur also.

The hat is totally my favorite part!  I undid all my good work using up stash yarn on Owen’s hat becuase I went out and bought three skeins to get all the colors right for this one.  But it’s so cute, right?!?

Happy Halloween!


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